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While in college, a friend gave me a booklet containing the Gospel of John. Through reading this I realized that God demanded more than just good works to be accepted by Him. This is why He sent his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. I accepted Christ as my own personal Saviour and, as John tells us, I was born into God's family through faith. (John 1:12)
In the years that followed, I married Ruby Lauke, was entrusted with seven children, and had opportunity to work for 13 years in Christian schools in the US and Canada. In New Brunswick, Canada, I pastored two country churches for 13 years as well as tallying 12 years in home schooling. Over these years I have had the opportunity to minister to children through school chapels, camp speaking, AWANA, VBS, Sunday schools, and writing.
We moved to Arizona in 1999 to be available to care for my aging father. When he passed away in 2004, the Lord directed us to Eau Claire, Wisconsin where we help in our church. Our two youngest children still live with us. Questions or comments? Contact me at this address.
(I am 6ft 9in and therefore enjoy the following quote.) "Better to love a short person than never to have loved a tall."

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